Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

One Month Animated Feature

Well these last 4 weeks have been very busy, especially the last few days, however I did find time to do a little doodle and Photoshop it. The doodle in question? Well if you haven't heard about it already, where have you been? Ryan Estrada is attempting to complete a feature length animated film in one month.

And something as inspiring as this prompted me to do a little something for him to wish him good luck!
On the train into Central London I came up with this little doodle and liked it so much I coloured it in too. 

The Character's name is Alan Smithee.. an alien. That's all you'll get from me, head over to his Production Blog Here and his personal website Here. He's also doing it all for free. What a guy!

Ryan will be adding my drawing to the end of his film in the credits, the film itself is looking to be an amazing task, so if you haven't already, check it out now!